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  • 96th Monthly Seminar of Orissa Environmental Society will be held on February 04, 2018. Theme: ‘Environmental Perspectives of Crop Protection in India: Theory and Reality’
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Activity in 2010

  • A one-day discussion was organized on the Copenhagen Convention on Climate Change (held through 7th to 18th December) on 3rd January. Issues concerning Development of Bhubaneswar City were also discussed and the growing menace of increasing pollution was deliberated upon thread bare.
  • A popular lecture was organized on the theme ‘Combating Climate through Community Forest Management’, on 7th February in Bhubaneswar. Important issues like global wrming, climate change, water scarcity, cutting of tees for widening of roads, etc. were discussed and deliberated upon.
  • In association with ISCA Bhubaneswar Chapter and Orissa Bigyan Prachar Samity,  organized the National Environmental Awareness Campaign (NEAC) synchronizing with the 39th World Forestry Day celebration on 21st March. It was followed by tree plantation programme in the premises of the Orissa Environmental Society. A book on “Climate Change” was released on the occasion.
  • A popular talk was organized on the theme “Healthy Internal Environment- Key to Healthy Life”, on 4th April in Bhubaneswar.
  • A popular talk on the theme “Global Warming- Chilling Perspective” was organized on 2nd May in bhubaneswar. The lecture highlighted on the aspect of creation of ‘Earth’, civilization, climate, and living entities.
  • The 38th World Environment Day was celebrated on 5th June. Invited guests spoke on the theme ‘Bio-Diversity- One Earth, One Future’. We have only one ‘Earth’ and one future and all efforts should be made by all of us to maintain its bio-diversity at all cost. Two books namely, “Mahendragiri”, and “Climate Change-Few Directions” were released on the occasion.
  • From the current year “Environmentalist of the Year” award was instituted by the Society, and the first reciepient was Mr. Biswajit Mohanty, Wilife Orissa. The award was presented on the occasion of the 38th World Environment Day. On 5th June.
  • A workshop was organised on 4th July to discuss on the draft ‘Orissa State Climate Change Action Plan’, prepared recently by Govt. of Orissa. Coments of the workshop were communicated to Government at a later date.
  • A popular talk and discussion on the current issues concerning ‘Development of Orissa’ was held on 8th August 2010. The resource rich Orissa State suffers from poverty was the big question deliberated upon by all. Mr. Bijay Kumar, who is presently working as the Country Director, Action Aid for Sri Lanka  and is the new head of the Human Security in Emergencies & Conflicts and the Convenor of the International Tsunami Response Programme reaching across 6 countries  also spoke  on “Agenda  : Orissa”.
  • The Indepndence Day was celebrated on on 15th August in the premises of the Society. Memebrs and guests gave a vivid description of the glorious past of India and expressed hope that patriotism, dedication and integrity would see a bright future for the people of India.
  • The Teachers’ Day was observed on 5th September, 2010. Prof. Srinibas Sahoo, Former Vice- Chancellor of Sambalpur University, a nena-generian was offered respect by the members. Dr. Sahoo also spoke on the ‘Educational Reforms and highlighted many experiences of his long successful life. He was felicitated by OES for his Life Time Achievement.
  • The 56th Wild Life Week was celebrated on 3rd October, 2010 in the premises of the Society. A workshop was organized on the occasion to discuss on the present status of the various threatened species of animals and plants in the State and the projects undertaken by the Govt. of Orissa for their protection and conservation. Project Tiger, Project Elephant, Community Conservation of Blackbuck, Vulture, Olive Ridley Sea Turtle and Irrawaddy Dolphin are some of the successful projects at the initiative of the government and with the community participation, as highlighted at the workshop.
  • Solar Energy: To Meet the Future Energy Need’, as one of the current issues, was discussed on 7th November, organized under the joint auspices of Orissa Environment al Society and the ISCA Bhubaneswar Chapter. Discussions were made in detail on various alternative sources of energy as substitutes to coal-based thermal energy, which has been the main source of green house gases. It
    was realized that there is tremendous potentiality to explore non-grid and free-from-transmission-loss solar energy to meet the human needs in 21st Century.
  • An invited lecture programme was organized by the Orissa Environmental Society in association with the ISCA Bhubaneswar Chapter and Bigyan Prachar Samity, Bhubaneswar on 21st Novemebr. Prof. K C Sahu, former Prof. of Geology, IIT Mumbai was invited to present a lecture on ‘Silicon Toxicity’. He highlighted on the potential use of the solar radiation to meet the energy needs of mankind. 
  • Orissa Environmental Society collaborated the 13th Orissa Bigyan Congress organized by the Indian Science Congress Association: Bhubaneswar Chapter and hosted by the Regional Museum of Natural History, Bhubaneswar from 9th to 11th Dec. A National Conference on ‘New Frontiers in Life Sciences’ was organized to mark the Congress. The events were-inaugural function, key-note address, technical sessions, invited lectures, valedictory function, visit to Regional Science Centre and Regional Museum of Natural History. More than 300 scientists, academics, researchers, scholars and students attended the Congress. Ffirst time in the history of the Orissa Bigyan Congress all the office bearers of the Indian Science Congress Association including the president-elect attended the Congress. Three eminent scientists were felicitated for their contributions in the field of various disciplines of science.