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  • 96th Monthly Seminar of Orissa Environmental Society will be held on February 04, 2018. Theme: ‘Environmental Perspectives of Crop Protection in India: Theory and Reality’
Annual Report 2016
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Activity in 2013

Date Activity Collaboration/ Support Remarks
02.01.2011 Popular talk on Over Burden and Ash Management in Open Cast Mine &
Structural Basis of Cobalamin Transport by the E.coli Outer Membrane Transporter BtuB
ISCA:BC Chief Speaker-
Mr. Piyush Kumar Srivastav, Chief of Coal Projects, Tata Steel & Dr. Arun Kumar Mohanty, Microbiologist, Vertex Pharmaceutical Inc,
Cambridge MA
06.02.2011 Popular talk on
‘Ecotourism Resources in Odisha’
ISCA:BC Guest Speaker-
Sj. Biranchi Mishra, Former Joint Director cum Deputy Secretary, Odisha Tourism, Govt. of Odisha
21.02.2011 Address on Prospects of Mines in Odisha    Invited Guest-
Mr. Ardhendu Mohapatra, the Vice President of Essel Mines
06.03.2011 Popular talk on
‘Our Environment-A Geological Perspective’
ISCA:BC Guest Speaker-
Dr. Rabinarayan Padhi, Former Deputy Director General, Geological Survey of India
03.04.2011 NEAC Programme
Theme: ‘Biodiversity Conservation’
Chief Guest-
Dr. Bhagirathi Behera, IFS, Director, Environment;
& Director, Centre for Environmental Studies, Dept. of Forest & Environment, Govt. of Odisha.
01.05.2011 Popular talk on
‘Natural Hazards’
ISCA:BC Chief Guest-
Dr. Gopal Krushna Panda, Professor of Geography, Utkal University, Vani Vihar,
05.06.2011 World Environment Day
Theme-‘Forests: Nature at your Service’
& release of the book ‘Upakari Ousadhiya Udvida’ and  ‘Jaiba Bividhata’
ISCA:BC Chief Guest-
Prof. Dr. Lalit Narayan Patnaik ,Former Chairperson, State Pollution Control Board, Odisha
Chief Speaker-   
Dr. Sudarshan Panda, IFS Director, Nandankanan
3.07.2011 Vanamahostava & Pavitra Gundicha Yatra ISCA:BC Guest Speaker-
Sj. Bipin Bihari Mishra,IPS (Retd.)
Former DG, Police, Odisha
07.08.2011 Popular talk on
‘Medicinal Plants Coservation in Odisha: Challenges and Opportunities’
ISCA:BC Guest Speaker-
Mr. P.K. Mallick, IFS
Chief Executive Officer, Medicinal Plants Board, Odisha
15.08.2011 Celebration of 65th Independence Day ISCA:BC Guest Speaker-
Natyshree Sarada Prasanna Naik, Electronic and Print Media Specialist and Great Film Personality
04.09.2011 Popular talk on
Health and Environment
ISCA:BC Guest Speaker-
Dr. Seba Mohapatra, Former Director, Health Services
02.10.2011 Popular talk on
‘Animal Resource Management & Forest Conservation’
ISCA:BC Guest Speaker-
Dr.B.C.Patnaik, Former Director of Central Sheep & Wool Research Institute (ICAR)
25.10.2011 29th Foundation Day
Seminar on the
theme: Protected Areas of Odisha
ISCA:BC Guest of Honour-
Sj. Priya Nath Padhi, PCCF, Odisha
06.11.2011 Popular talk on
‘Depiction of Tangible and Intangible Elements of Nature in Geeta Govindam’
ISCA:BC Guest Speaker-
Mr. Gadadhar Mahapatra, IFS (Retd.)
04.12.2011 Popular talk on
‘Harnessing of floods in Odisha’
ISCA:BC Guest Speaker-
Mr. Sahid Umar, Former Senior Geologist, Geological Survey of India