Orissa Environmental Society primarily focuses on academic enrichment of its target groups. It undertakes following activities since its inception:

  • Research on environmental conservation.
  • Sensitization to various stakeholders.
  • Collaboration and initiation of pro-active steps with government towards environmental development.
  • Mass awareness campaigns on environmental conservation.
  • Public hearings to safeguard environment from peoples’ perspectives.
  • Capacity building to various stakeholders to act as environmental conservationists at their respective level.
  • Expert deliberations on current issues of science every month.
  • Publication of various literatures on environmental conservation for various target groups.
  • Felicitation of “Environmentalist of the year” from 2011 onwards.

    The Society conducts survey and research, publishes books and documents, holds mass mobilization campaigns, workshops, seminars, conferences, training courses, popular lectures, exhibitions, competitions, supports organizations with similar objectives, makes liaison with the State, National and International organizations and various such other activities in matters related to protection and conservation of environment and natural resources.

    The approach of the Society has been to sensitizing people on environmental issues and influencing government policies by way of interaction.

Year wise Activities