Aims and Objective

The main objectives are:

  • To promote, organize, encourage study and enhance knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature, and the principle and practice of conservation of natural resources among the common mass.
  • To promote and maintain liaison between various disciplines of science and technology related to environment.
  • To establish and maintain contacts with various departments of State Government and Union Government, national, regional and international organizations or any other agency so far as these contacts are beneficial to the Society’s objectives.
  • To advise the State Government, Union Government or any other organization on matters related to environment, in the interest of public at large.
  • To hold, sponsor, support or collaborate conferences, seminars, symposia, meetings, training programmes, demonstrations, mass mobilization campaigns, popular lectures, cultural programmes, etc to promote education and awareness on issues related to development of natural resources and conservation of environment.
  • To publish books, proceedings, journals, newsletters or bulletins and such other, as may be found desirable to promote public interest and scientific temper in matters related to natural resources and environment.
  • It shall adopt any other transparent means, strategy or principle that might be advantageous and beneficial to the Society’s objectives.
  • To frame co-curricular and organize courses in environmental sciences at all levels of education.
  • To provide consultancy services for any project related to natural resources and environment.
  • To promote research on science, technology and environment for sustainable development.
  • To do all such things, which may be necessary, incidental or constructive, to the attainment of all or any specific objectives of the Society?

The benefits of the Society are open to all irrespective of caste, creed, community, religion, etc, and it shall work regardless of race, religion, culture or political belief and activities of the Society are carried out within the jurisdiction of India.